Policies and Procedures

Last Updated: December 31, 2019

  • You must be registered for a class before attending. Because your check or credit card
    charge reserves your seat, no seat can be “held” without payment. If you attempt to
    register after the class is full, you have the option of being placed on a waitlist if you so
    desire but you will not be charged at that lime. If you paid by check, that check will be
    returned to you and if the check was for more than one course, you may be asked to
    rewrite the check for the lesser amount which excludes the closed-out class. If you paid by
    charge, you will be notified of the closed class but any other requested classes will be
    charged to your card.
  • If inclement weather mandates postponement or cancellation of any lecture. such closings
    should be announced on news stations noting that the Nassau County Museum of Art is
    closed, possibly along with other county institutions and schools or services. We will also
    attempt to email and/or call students if power and phone lines are not down: however, if
    such is the case, it is hoped that students will act according to their own assessment of the
    situation and not travel if inadvisable to do so.
  •  In general. parking is available in the large lot at the upper entry to the museum grounds. If
    you have a handicapped parking permit, there is some designated parking for you closer to
    the front of the museum which has a ramp for access to the front door at the northwest
    side of the building. The fire lane directly in front of the museum Is NOT open for parking.
  • Restrooms are available on both the main floor and the second floor of the museum. There
    are snack machines available on the first floor near the water fountain and the restroom
    area, but in general there is no food service in the building at this time.
  • Please note that for film classes we must try to keep the number of students low for the
    purpose of better viewing. Our classrooms allow for DVD/screen projections and larger
    scale monitor presentations.
  • As a start-up not-for-profit, The Frick Estate Lectures attempts lo serve students with a
    minimum of staff and a most generous group of advisory board members who volunteer
    their services to help. We are not “wealthy” but generous remuneration for our professors
    is of uppermost importance. We also help to support the Nassau County Museum of Art,
    our very kind hosts, so we ask that you help us to help them even more, by considering a
    membership. NCMA Membership Forms are available at the front desk of the Museum.
  • Registrations typically begin for a new semester on these dates: April 15; July 4th. November
    28 (Tax Day, Fourth-of-July and Thanksgiving).