0104. Classicism Through The Ages

10:30 - 12:30 pm Fridays, September 13 - September 27

3 Sessions
Fee: $90.00
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Classicism Through The Ages

Despite centuries of constant change in the creation and appreciation of art, the aesthetic principles of Classical Greece have proven to be incredibly durable. From Imperial Rome to the Renaissance to French Neoclassicism to the present day, Classical methods and ideas have provided a common thread linking centuries of artistic endeavor. This series of slide-lectures will explore both celebrated and reviled Classical “rebirths,” and will look at the various cultural and political contexts in which they developed.

About the Lecturer

Christopher Parrott

Christopher Parrott is a Contemporary Realist painter whose work has been exhibited and collected internationally for over two decades, and featured in art publications such as Art Forum, Art Papers, and New American Paintings. Educated at Pratt Institute, he followed that degree with a post-college tenure at the Barnstone Studios, studying Classical design systems and Art History. Among numerous other locations, he has recently been featured in a gallery exhibition entitled Modern Masters in New York City, and has regularly participated in Basel art fairs both in Miami and Switzerland.