9:30 – 12:30 pm Wednesdays, January 15 - January 29

3 Sessions
Lecturer: Veronika Dolar
Fee: $90.00
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Everyone is talking about income and wealth inequality. But what is meant by “inequality”
and how is it measured. What are the causes and implications of growing economic
inequalities? What impact does it have on society? What form does it take in different
countries? Each lecture will include a screening of a movie or documentary on this topic
followed by an in-depth discussion and explanation of key issues.
Films to be shown will include:
Inequality for All
Where to Invade Next
Saving Capitalism

About The Lecturer

Veronika Dolar

Veronika Dolar holds a PhD from University of Minnesota and is currently employed as an Assistant
Professor of Politics, Economics, and Law at SUNY Old Westbury, where she teaches Introduction to
Microeconomics, Introduction to Macroeconomics, Health Economics, and Food & Wine Economics. Among
Dr. Dolar’s research interests are Health (Economics of Obesity), Labor, and Economics of Education, all of
which are topics on which she has been widely published by numerous peer reviewed journals.