0147. SHAKESPEARE ON FILM: Shakespeare in New York

1:00 - 3:00 pm First Tuesday, May 26

1 Session
Lecturer: Peter Josyph
Fee: $20.00
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SHAKESPEARE ON FILM: Shakespeare in New York

Actor, author, and award-winning filmmaker Peter Josyph will introduce and premiere his
new film Shakespeare in New York, a black and white adaptation of twelve of Shakespeare’s
most compelling Sonnets in iconic New York locations, including Liberty Island, 8th Avenue
in Midtown Manhattan, and Brooklyn’s Park Slope. The film, which is roughly 50 minutes, will
be followed by a Q & A with the director about adapting the Sonnets and about their
continued relevance today.

About The Lecturer

Peter Josyph

Peter Josyph is an author, actor, director, and filmmaker whose films include: Liberty Street: Alive at Ground
Zero; Acting Cormac McCarthy: The Making of Billy Bob Thorton’s All the Pretty Horses; Shakespeare In New York: The
Sonnets; and A Few Things Basquiat Did in School. His books include: Adventures in Reading Cormac McCarthy;
What One Man Said to Another, Talks with Richard Seltzer; and, The Wounded River, which was chosen as a New
York Times Notable Book. He also excels in literary and film criticism.