0128. VAN GOGH , SEURAT, AND CEZANNE: Giants of Post-Impressionism

1:00 - 3:00 pm Fridays, February 14 - February 28

3 Sessions
Fee: $90.00
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VAN GOGH , SEURAT, AND CEZANNE: Giants of Post-Impressionism

After the artistic revolution of Impressionism, three painters who would come to be known
as Post Impressionists –Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Seurat, and Paul Cezanne– would push
the boundaries of art even further. This course will focus on these three major figures, all
of whom drew upon tradition in unexpected ways to make decidedly non-traditional works,
and whose conceptual approach to painting would lay the groundwork for some of the 20th
Century’s most important artists.

About The Lecturer

Christopher Parrott

Christopher Parrott is a Contemporary Realist painter whose work has been exhibited and collected
internationally for over two decades, and featured in art publications such as Art Forum, Art Papers, and
New American Paintings. Educated at Pratt Institute, he followed that degree with a post-college tenure at
the Barnstone Studios, studying Classical design systems and Art History. Among numerous other
locations, he has recently been featured in a gallery exhibition entitled Modern Masters in New York City,
and has regularly participated in Basel art fairs both in Miami and Switzerland.